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Bring the chakras to life with therapeutic coloring cards

gold healing art

Bella Luna

Personally, I cannot draw to save my life, but I love coloring and am obsessed with all things Chakra. Starting my day off by coloring the cards was a great way to propel me into each chakras energy. I have since laminated them and they fit right in on my alter! Thanks Miyuki.

A beautiful aid in your healing journey

Therapeutic Coloring​

Draw, scribble, paint or color these images to release stress.

Empowering Affirmations

Use each cards' affirmation to help heal your energy centers.  

Create a Beautiful Sacred Space

Adorn your alter or meditation space as a reminder of your healing journey.

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What you will receive

7 Chakra cards with 7 affirmations

Tips on how to print, color & use your cards

A bonus freebie



gold gemstone healing art

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gold gemstone healing art
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