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Get your SELF LOVING EMPATH foundation pack

by Rose Soul Art

Learn practical tools and exercises that help empaths, packed with magic and self-love.

+ Free Elemental Oracle coloring cards

+Free "True Self" meditation

+ 15% off Soul Art coupon

+ Weekly practical self-love tips 

+ MRSA product launch updates

soul art healing symbols

Growing up highly sensitive,
I was overwhelmed and misunderstood. 

As women we are often told to conform (mask) in an overstimulating world, made for the disconnected extrovert.


We are told that we are too fat, skinny, loud, quiet, dramatic, sexual... too much. Instead of being empowered we are denied the tools survive and thrive. 


Now I inspire women to realize that they are loveable the way they are. To look past their patterns and embody their true self and connect to their Divine Self.

This pack is instilled with practical wisdom and tips, designed for Empaths.

eye shining soulart
Rose symbol soulart
soul art healing gemstones

Trauma informed Self-love insights with practical tools 

guidance for connecting to and loving your body

Exercises to release blocks and connect with your inner divine


The Self-Loving EMPATH

This weekly newsletter is packed with practical healing tools for the highly sensitive Empath. Receive all the self-love, body positivity and magical insights you need to connect with your true self. 

Plus product releases and the rest (pls update)

soul art healing symbols


What Will you receive?

liquid gold soulart
soul sisters soulart
soul art healing symbols


soul art healing pentagram
soul art healing pentagram
soul art healing symbols

all the practical self-love, divine connection and body loving tips you need on your healing journey  

first access to the elemental empath oracle deck

soul art healing pentagram

15% off your next soul art commission

soul art healing pentagram

first access to new prints, courses and offers

soul art healing eye

FREE Elemental Oracle Coloring Cards and Meditation

Elemental Empath Oracle Cards
Elemental empath coloring cards
Elemental Empath Oracle deck Moon coloring card

Start our journey together with a 12 minute meditation to connect to your True Self and 5 Elemental coloring cards for creative expression. 

Are the Self-Loving EmPATH
Emails for you?

soul art healing symbols
These emails are
for you if...

You are an empathic woman on a self-love journey

You are serious about healing and female empowerment and are willing to do the work

You want a more grounded and practical approach to healing, with some mystical magic mixed in

You have some basic knowledge of healing concepts and need more support

You have been on the journey for a while but you're feeling stuck and need a shift. 

These emails are not for you if...

You don’t believe in magic, energetics and a Higher power

You are looking for an instant magic wand solution to all your problems 

You aren't ready to go through the challenge of shadow work to make lasting change

You are dealing with extreme trauma, disregulation or hardship, in which case please have support in place if you have overwheling triggers. 


soul art healing symbols
Cosmic woman female empowerment
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols
Miyuki rose healing arts for female empowerment
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols

Hi love
Im Miyuki Rose

Meet the Founder

My passion is empowering women

This needs to be your journey as an empath and why this kit is the best starting point to get them going.

Made a deck filled with wisdom (funded X in Y) and commissoned by hayhouse to make another on..

Why you are the person to be doing this! We know this!!!


For over a decade I have been on a journey of self love to heal my relationship with myself and my body. Through all of the ups and downs I always return to one foundational concept: connection with the true Self. 
This is how Soul Art was born. It is my passion to empower woman to love and accept themselves and their bodies through Divine photo art. 


divine self love body positive


The Self-Loving Empath

It's time to take your power back. And not through fighting and pushing. But rather through compassion; surrender and shadow work. 

Learn to hold the parts of yourself that are blocked or hurting, while inviting in new shifts and insights. 

You are the ultimate authority in your healing journey. This Newsletter empowers you to tap into your innate healing ability and divine self. 

soul art healing symbols

Rose Soul Art Testimonials
From magical sisters

soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols

"I found Rose Soul Art's magic a few years ago now, and wow. They really did capture my essence. Each symbol and line an extension of my being. I’m so inspired by their art and have recommended them to so many likeminded sisters. Unleashing our divinity and sharing our magic."

Soul Portrayal Commission

Mother daughter fairy wings soul art art
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols
soul art healing symbols

Sign up to The Self-Loving EMPATH

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