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Self love, Body positivity and Divine Connection for women who deserve to be loved

focus your intuition so you can tune into spiritual guidance and insight.


Elemental Empath is designed to focus your intuition so you can tune into spiritual guidance and insight.

Hey beautiful

You're in the right place, at the right moment,
because you know...

You are​ looking for an Oracle deck to support X but cannot find it

You are on a spiritual journey ..

Your are tired of waiting around for a magic wand solution to all your problems and are ready to take back your power.

You struggle with prioritisation, seeing the bigger picture and holding yourself accountable.

You want to step out of your comfort zone without compromising your happiness and integrity.


You are ready to step into your greatness and become who you were always destined to be.

I'm ready to start! >



Here's the truth

Doing the deep work necessary to become your best self AND live a life aligned to your Highest path is not easy.

There are a million moving parts and pieces - should’s vs desires, limiting beliefs, battling the inner critic, overcoming self-doubt, and decision paralysis - that prevent you from moving forward, and most importantly, from living your best life. 


What if you could...

Have a step-by-step, easy-to-understand system to walk you through everything you need to start AND live your most aligned life?

Through 1-1 coaching, tangible tools, and intuitive insights, we will create a realistic, and fun, step-by-step path to re-align you with a more purposeful path.

So you can finally:

Connect to your Inner Divine and intuition

Release and remove any blocks that you come up against

Have the tools and practices to set you up for success




a 52 card pack of beautiful art and inspiring prompts that will help you to connect to your Inner Divine and trust your intuition to overcome blocks and blah blah

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Hi love
Im Miyuki Rose

Meet the Founder

My passion is empowering women

For over a decade I have been on a journey of self love to heal my relationship with myself and my body. Through all of the ups and downs I always return to one foundational concept: connection with the true Self. 
This is how Soul Art was born. It is my passion to empower woman to love and accept themselves and their bodies through Divine photo art. 

I now work with another magical artist, Sinead Breeze to create your beautiful commissions. Together we bring out the Goddess in your photos. 


Happy customers

from around the world
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"It is an incredible blessing to work with Bella."

Bella intuitively supported my needs & provided me with tangible tools to gain clarity on my direction and to live a life more aligned with my highest self. It is an incredible blessing to work with Bella.

Sophie, US

girl-872149_1920 (1).jpg

"Bella helped me get closer to my own personal life mission."

Before I started I was feeling stuck and unsatisfied with the direction my life was going in, I had forgotten somewhere along the way the things that bring me joy. Bella helped me discover the tools I would need to help me get closer to my own personal life mission.

Allie, UK

Caroline 2.jpg

"I tapped deeply into what my purpose looks & feels like."

Bella helped me to see clearly what my Soul wants & my heart desires. I tapped deeply into what my purpose looks & feels like & it feels so joyful!  This has brought about a deeper gratitude for what I do have & a clear map of the areas that I’d like to upgrade. I’ve made simple changes towards those upgrades, and it felt easy, aligned and exciting.

Caroline, UK


"My sessions with Bella were literally transformational."

“My twelve coaching sessions with Bella were literally transformational. I feel so blessed to have been accompanied by such a non-judgmental, generous, and insightful soul during the most difficult period in my 50+ years of life. Your shining heart reminds me of the mystical medieval poet who once wrote, “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your being.” Heartfelt thanks.”

Valerie, Canada

The main reasons most people cannot find the right oracle deck 

is NOT because it's not possible.

 It's because they lack the clarity on what their best life looks like, the knowledge to bridge the gap, the motivation to take action, and the self-belief to go after what they want and make sh*t happen!


Phase 1: Meeting you where you're at

Module 1: Wheel of Life

We will kick-start this process by breaking your life down into different areas, assessing each one and creating a plan to begin up-leveling your life, today!

Module 11: Changing Belief Systems

This module is designed to dive into the fundamental belief systems that are preventing you from embracing who you are destined to be. 

Module 111: Energy Assessment & Success Essentials 

The E.A.S.E exercise is designed to look into how you are spending your energy so we can reclaim some of your precious time, learning how to do less & achieve more. 
ON COMPLETION of modules 1-3, we will have a free-form coaching session to solidify the teachings and address, and work through, any questions and challenges that have come up before we move into Phase II. 


What is in the Pack?

the right Deck for you?

This deck is
for you if...


You are serious about living an aligned life

You are motivated and ready to hold yourself accountable 

You like a strategic, yet spiritual, approach to coaching 

You are ready to make serious changes in your life

You are done with a mediocre life and are ready to fulfil your greatest potential

This deck is NOT for you if...

You are not interested in living an aligned life

You don’t believe in magic, energetics and a Higher power

You are looking for a magic wand solution to all your problems 

You already have a perfect life 

You are unwilling to go through discomfort, make change, and do the deep work necessary


Elemental Empath

Let's connect in person!

Sometimes it's just better to talk in person. Whether you have questions about a specific offer, or you have absolutely no idea where to start.


Let's connect to discover more about you, your challenges, your needs, your desires and your deepest dreams. Then we can discern the best package, program or product for you at this time.


I believe in serving from the heart, therefore, I can guarantee that if we aren't a good fit, I won't try to sell you on something I don't believe you're right for! 


Your free Big Dream Vision Quest


Connect with your Highest path...

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