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Soul art sacred symbols

Meet the founder

I m Miyuki Rose

I'm an neurodivergent artist, healer and magical deck creator. 
My passions include mysticism, movement and cuddling any cat I can find.

growing up, there were a few things making life extremely difficult. 

I was (and still am) highly sensitive, empathic, neurodivergent, queer and disabled with CPTSD 

soul art healing symbols
soul art healing pentagram

I was raised mormon in Japan and America where I constantly felt like I had to mask my true self and neuro-spicy needs. I was never good at conforming and by the age of 19 I found myself in sick, burnt out and in the hospital having my gallbladder removed. 

By age 21 I had a full health crash and was forced to look at the trauma, toxic lifestyle and disabilities I'd been trying to hide from. And so I embarked on my healing journey.

eye shining soulart
Rose symbol soulart


Fast forward over a decade and I barely recognize myself. I have healed and evolved in ways I never thought were impossible. I am a hypnotherapist, trauma informed facilitator, yoga instructor and craniosacral therapist

I have learned to work with my disabilities, instead of grasping at perfection (which doesn't exist). I heal wounds from the past while finding joy in what I do. And of course, let myself have breakdown days when needed. 

My Business Journey

These days I am traveling & creating magical inclusive decks to help sensitive souls around the world.

But it hasn't always been this way.

Just five years ago I was struggling through my tenth career with no idea how to turn my passion for art into a business. Being neurodivergent with health issues meant my life revolved around trying to heal and survive. 

When the 2020 pandemic hit I tried drawing over the top of my friends photos. What I thought would be a fun hobby then snowballed into a successful business around empowering fellow magical beings with photo art.


I made my first oracle deck, signed with a major publisher and am now creating the deck of my dreams. 

Soul art sacred healing stones
Soul art healing arts

Looking back it makes sense that the young sensitive girl who was creating fantasy worlds would grow up to be a mystical artist

Soul art sacred symbols pentagram
Evolution of my Creative style
Soul art sacred symbols gold sun

Soul Art:
healing photo art

I've been an artist my entire life, playing with every medium I could get my hands on. Pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pens, markers, clay, etc. 

Creating photo art was yet another branch to channel my magic into. I combine beautiful photos with my ethereal art to help womxn embody self-love. 

This style led to the creation of my first oracle deck...

Elemental Empath banner_edited.jpg
The Elemental Empath oracle Deck is customized for empathic women on a healing journey.

The card art depicts inclusive photos of Divine women embodying each element, while the book delves deep into practical guidance on healing, self-love and empowerment for empaths.  
gold healing art

52 magical Element-themed Cards Made with love on recycled paper with soy ink

Elemental Empath Oracle Deck Spread

 Premium Magnetic Box with a 270-Page Companion Guidebook

Elemental Empath guidebook

Gold gilding on the Cards
Plus a Bonus Card with a free Empath meditation



I'm creating an inclusive magical oracle deck with Hay House Publishing!  

Rose symbol soul art

After finishing my first deck, I found there was so much more I wanted share to support empaths. So I'm in the process of making an oracle deck for highly sensitive empaths that is for all genders and is trauma and neurodivergent informed. 

Sensitive Empath Oracle.jpg

And I'm using my favorite art style to create it! 

Soul art sacred symbols moon phases

My new deck with HAY HOUSE publishing is expected late 2025

Miyuki Rose healing for empathic women
Keep in touch

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Soul art sacred symbols
Soul art gold
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