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Miyuki Artistry

Spiritual art for the healing soul

The healing journey can be a challenging one, remembering who you are amidst the storm is one of the biggest challenges we face.


With my paintings I strive to portray the different stages of this journey we have embarked on, with reminders of the shadows we have faced and the transformative steps we take.


Art is my own personal therapy and I hope the journey reflected in my creations helps remind you of your own strength, battles and innate power.

See my art on Instagram @miyuki_artistry

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Bella Luna healing art female empowerment


"Miyuki’s soul art work helped me see myself in a light that I never dared to truly see myself in. She somehow pulled out and highlighted a piece of me I suspected was in there but could never allow myself to see or accept.


I am forever grateful, because now, with these photos, even I can’t deny my glory”


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