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Have Questions about commissions?




Frequently Asked Questions

Soul art gold healing stones
Soul art gold healing stones
Soul art gold healing art
  • Can I request what drawings go into the photo?​
    Yes, feel free to let me know any symbols or preferences and I will do my best to channel it into my art. If you would like inspiration check out my Instagram - @Rose_SoulArt.
  • How long does the commission take to complete?​
    Usually 7 - 10 days, but I will let you know if it will take longer. If you need it sooner you can purchase a rush order in my shop and it will be delivered in 3 - 4 days.
  • Will you change the editing style of the photo - i.e. the saturation, brightness, etc.?​
    Yes I have a specific style I use to edit the photos before I begin drawing. I’ve developed this style to create the best contrast and effect to go with my art. If you have a specific editing style in mind please let me know when you order.
  • Can I request changes after it is complete?​
    For the Simple Portrayal and Soul Wings commissions, additional edits are not included. If you need changes, you can purchase an extra add-on in our shop. For the Soul Portrayal and Cosmic Portrayal Commissions you can request a couple small changes like adding or taking away parts of the edit . However I cannot redo the entire drawing. Any bigger changes will be $15 each. If you would like something specific please let me know when you submit the photos.
  • Can I make changes to the photo when I post it?​
    The art I create is my own personal artistic style and branding, so I ask that you don’t change it when you post it. If you would like to change the saturation, brightness, etc. please ask me beforehand. Also, be sure to tag me @miyuki_soulart.
  • Can I buy more than 3?​
    Yes! I offer discounts for bulk orders and ongoing commissions over extended periods. If you are interested please message me for details.
  • What are the best types of images for Soul Art?​
    It is easiest to work with photos with simple, dark or blurry backgrounds so that the white lines show up. White light glares are the hardest to work with, so darker or neutral lighting is best. If you want to check out my guide you can click here.
  • What quality does the photo need to be?​
    I can work with most photos taken from a smart phone all the way up to a professional camera. Please make sure they are not blurry! I will return photos at the same quality as I receive them. If you want to have them printed check out this guide for a basic introduction.
  • I don't know what photo to choose, can you help?"
    Yes feel free to send me your ideas and I will help you to select the photo that works best with my art.
  • Can I order and give you my photos over time?
    Yes I get that all the time! You can order a bundle and then send me the photos when you have the right ones. Just please send them within one year of ordering.
  • What about returns?
    Soul Art includes ordering a commission for customised artwork and as such it unfortunately cannot be refunded or exchanged. If you contact me within 24hrs of the purchase I will try to accommodate any emergency situations. ​ To ensure quality is maintained, all art work is created in line with the Soul Art brand so that customers understand the style and outcome before they place an order. ​
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