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Meet the founder,
Miyuki Rose

Hey I'm Miyuki.

I’m a travelling artist and healer on a journey. I have spent the past 5 years travelling in South-East Asia, based in Northern Thailand. I love mysticism, movement, many forms of art, cuddling cats and connecting with my tribe.

Miyuki (meaning "beautiful snow") was the name I inherited from my great-great-grandmother. I was born in Tokyo and lived there for several years, falling in love with the culture and bright patterns. As an introvert, my world was rocked when we moved to extroverted America, and drawing and painting became my bedrock for expressing my emotions.


Born into a Mormon community, it turns out I'm a rebel and ventured out into the world to find beliefs that worked for me. Through my extensive healing journey and working to connect to my own Inner Divine, art has been my anchor to express and find myself.


This soul art, as well as being therapeutic, enables me to empower other women on their journey: to visualise their truest and most empowered selves as they come to recognize their innate power. At least, that is my vision and intention that I put into each creation.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. 


My passion is empowering women

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My healing practice

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Helping Female Empaths Heal Trauma and Reclaim their Power

I specialise in helping empaths to release their trauma and overcome their conditioned thoughts and emotions using my experience and training in Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), energy work and movement.


It can be difficult to navigate life’s challenges. Understanding and managing our emotions, thoughts and trauma can be overwhelming. You are not alone in this journey.


You have the innate ability to heal and create a life of joy and freedom, and my role is to empower you to find your strength and release anything that isn’t serving your wellbeing.

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To learn more message me below or go to my Instagram @miyuki_rrose

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Miyuki Artistry

Spiritual Art for the Healing Soul

female empowerment healing art

The healing journey can be a challenging one; remembering who you are amidst the storm is one of the biggest challenges we face.


With my paintings I strive to portray the different stages of this journey we have embarked on, with reminders of the shadows we have faced and the transformative steps we take.


Art is my own personal therapy and I hope the journey reflected in my creations helps remind you of your own strength, battles and innate power.

See my art on Instagram @miyuki_artistry

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