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Before you go I have a special offer for you...

Soul art healing gold

A cosmic print to connect you with your Inner Warrior

We all need a reminder our inner power and who we are. 

My remedy is connecting to my true self everyday in a designated sacred space in order to feel more grounded.

And visual reminders of who I am is a key part of this sacred space.

This print, Shadow Warrior, is the perfect piece to connect you with your power through this difficult time.

My paintings are encoded with symbolism and channeled energy to connect you back to your higher self.

I have shrunk my artwork down onto a postcard to fit perfectly on your altar. You can enjoy it everyday as you connect with your most empowered self.

Rose soul healing art shadow warrior
female empowerment portrait


"I LOVE this stunning print! It reminds me of my inner power to conquer what doesn't serve me and to let the light flood in and surround me.

The quality is wonderful. The colors are vibrant and the light just glows! I got it in just over a week. Highly recommend anything Miyuki does. She has incredible artistic and intuitive gifts.



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